Surinamese airline cancels series of flights to and from Amsterdam

The Surinamese airline Surinam Airways, also called the Surinamese Aviation Company (SLM), is cancelling a series of return flights to Amsterdam this month. It involves seven outbound and return flights that were scheduled between 8 and 17 July. This is reported by several Surinamese media, including Dagblad Suriname.

The airline says the situation is caused by the aftermath of the corona pandemic, not having its own fleet and high fuel prices. Flights to Miami are also being dropped.

Reorganization deployed

According to the daily newspaper, fundamental intervention is required. A reorganization would have been set in motion to bring the company back to health. Travelers affected by the cancellations can claim a voucher or have their flight rebooked.

One of the travelers affected by this is the father of Loraine Oosterhuis-van de Leuve. She informs DecceIt that her father has been trying to fly from the Netherlands to Suriname since last Sunday. We are now trying to book via KLM, but a one-way ticket is four times more expensive. She says that the Surinamese airline is widely used by Surinamese who travel to the Netherlands.

Moreover, there is no communication from the airline itself, she says. We havent been officially told, we had to hear it via via.

Trust under pressure

According to specialist site Aviation News, Surinam Airways has been experiencing financial hardship for years. The company is said to be highly indebted and no longer has its own aircraft. Renting planes elsewhere is very expensive.

The airline was not available for comment for DecceIt tonight.