Surinamese former vice president suspected of destruction

Surinamese former Vice President Ashwin Adhin has been arrested. President Santokhi said that in the National Assembly, the Surinamese Parliament. Adhin is suspected of being involved in destruction at his former office.

In connection with the matter, Adhin had to report to the court on Friday. When he didnt show up, the police picked him up. After questioning, he was formally apprehended.

Adhin was vice president under President Bouterse. After the change of power, destruction was found in his office. There was about 90,000 euros of equipment destroyed.

Tackling corruption

The new government in Suriname has been active for over a hundred days. The Public Prosecutors Office is now investigating crimes by politicians and officials from the previous cabinet. By taking office, Santokhi had already announced his intention to tackle corruption and other office crimes hard.

Santokhi left little about the matter in parliament. He just wanted to say that there had been consultations with the Attorney General to investigate all matters of political officers about crimes.