Surprise: yet a fireworks show in Scheveningen

The International Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen was to be celebrated this year: the festival celebrates its 40th anniversary. But because of corona the festival could not take place. Enormous bales for the organisation and all the fans. To do something fun there was a show as a surprise.

Around half past nine in the evening the sky was illuminated by about 100 drones. After that there was a blazing fireworks display.


The theme of the drone show was 75 years of freedom. On the movie below you can watch the drones:

After that there was another show with real fireworks. That’s what it looked like:

The Scheveningen fireworks festival is the biggest free fireworks event in Europe. It is a competition in which eight countries try to put on the most spectacular fireworks show. In previous years, it attracted some 400,000 visitors.

Last year the festival could not take place either. Then the organisation and the municipality could not agree on the safety rules