Surprising news from Nijmegen: Van Leeuwen leaves NEC

NEC must look for a new technical director. Ted van Leeuwen will leave De Goffert at the end of October, as the Nijmegen club announced on Thursday evening.
At the end of April, Van Leeuwen resigned from NEC‘s Supervisory Board, who then asked him to bridge the summer transfer period. The 69-year-old Gelderlander will also handle current cases in the next two months.
โ€œNEC is no longer comparable to the club from a year and a half ago,โ€ says Van Leeuwen on the club site. โ€œWith everyone’
s help, a lot has gone for the better. Not only has NEC been promoted, but the entire organization has been brought to the Eredivisie level. In terms of facilities and thinking. This has brought momentum to the club, a new faith, a positive dynamic. After years of spending in the darkness, a nice light shines on the club again.โ€
Van Leeuwen concludes that NEC matters again. โ€œAll the goals set have been achieved. And faster than expected. For those who have been in the business for as long as I have, there is little attraction in looking after the store,โ€ he explains his choice to leave. โ€œAt my age, time is ticking a little faster. The club is ready for the third phase of the project: confirmation and expansion. And so to make the step towards a permanent position in the subtop of the Dutch Eredivisie.โ€
Van Leeuwen joined NEC in February 2021. A few months later, the club promoted to the Premier League, finishing eleventh last season. With the help of lender Marcel Boekhoorn, Van Leeuwen realized some nice transfers in Nijmegen. For example, he brought in Lasse Schรถne and Jasper Cillessen, among others.
Ted, thanks! ๐Ÿค๐Ÿป Read the press release here โžก๏ธ
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