Surrender price of Wijndal revealed: ‘That is also known to Ajax. ‘

Owen Wijndal can be raised at AZ for ten million euros. That‘s what Mike Verweij, Ajax watcher of De Cceit says. The Amsterdammers have an above average interest in the left back.
Ajax is exploring the possibilities to make it to Wijndal and that could gain momentum if Nicolรกs Tagliafico left. What won’
t speed up the deal is Juventus‘ alleged interest. โ€œThey have never bought a player that, according to the media, would have been interested in, so Ajax should not be rushed by that,โ€ says the journalist in De Cceit’s Football Podcast. โ€œThey know it can be raised for ten million euros.โ€
Perhaps the left-back of AZ can be obtained with the money that the Amsterdammers will receive for Ryan Gravenberch. Verweij thinks the deal will come to an end. โ€œBayern has increased the bid and now wants to pay eighteen million euros fixed. In addition, 5.5 million in easily achievable bonuses can be added, so that Ajax gets a maximum of 23.5 million. With seven and a half percent resale rate and a lower commission for the agent, this deal has to make ends.โ€