Survival simulator Valheim dispersed 1 million copies in a week

The authors of the cooperative survival simulator Valheim of Iron Gate announced that first-week sales of the project exceeded 1 million copies. Now the game is in early access Steam. The developers warmly thanked the fans, saying that such success incredibly inspired them to further work.

Also they revealed that the peak of simultaneous players on Steam broke the record of 160 thousand people, while in the first week on Twitch Valheim was followed by up to 127,000 viewers at the same time. The creators added that they are working hard at the moment to fix bugs and other flaws, planning to develop their project throughout this year.

Previously, we were talking about four major updates. In the game, the character falls into purgatory inspired by Norse mythology, where he needs to survive and fight monsters.

In multiplayer mode, the participation of units of up to 10 people is provided, although earlier the authors advised for a while to limit the number of their fighters to 3-5. Now the project can be purchased for 435 rubles.

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