Surviving the Aftermath released from Early Access

Studio Iceflake and publishing house Paradox Interactive announced the release of Surviving the Aftermath, a strategic simulator. The game has left early access since October 2019 and is already available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Release Patch 1.

0 continues the main storyline that will take place players through the entire survival story of their settlement. If you meet all the challenges, it will be possible to continue the game, but then the only game disaster will remain the onset of winter.

Developers have added voice-over dialogues to the game, as well as various gaming notifications. Players can now watch new story videos.

Also, for the release version, redesigned the balance and a number of mechanics, improved graphics, fixed a number of bugs, and brought back battles at the Settlement Gate. You can buy Surviving the Aftermath on Steam for 1089 rubles.

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