Suspect arrested in case of girl killed Marken

The police have questioned a man from Germany about the death of 14-year-old Tamar from Marken. It is the owner of the grey Mazda who, according to the police, was more than likely involved in her death.

The police report that it has been established that the man was the driver of the car at the time of the accident. He was a 28-year-old German who, having been identified as a suspect, contacted a Dutch lawyer himself. He voluntarily came to the police for questioning. This made it possible to avoid a legal procedure via the German authorities.

The man is free to await further investigation, as no pre-trial detention has been granted for the offence he is suspected of: leaving the scene of an accident. He remains a suspect.

As long as the investigation is ongoing, the police will not make any further statements about the content of the conversation with the suspect. Tamars family is pleased that a suspect is in the picture. A spokesman says to NHnieuws that the family has every confidence in the Public Prosecutors Office. Its another piece in a very big puzzle. Something more and more is coming up. There is one thing the family finds very important: justice for Tamar.

Many scenarios are open

In addition to the 28-year-old driver, the co-driver, a 25-year-old German, was also interrogated. His role is being investigated further.

The mens lawyer says that the two were on a camping visit in the Netherlands. Then they drove to Marken. On the way they had the feeling that they were driving over something. They didnt feel like they were doing anything, according to the lawyer .

Shortly afterwards, they got out on a car park and inspected the car, as could be seen on released surveillance footage from the police. According to the lawyer, there was nothing special to see and she continued on her way

The lawyer emphasises that there are still many scenarios open. It is crucial that all possible scenarios are investigated. That takes a long time, but does justice to the distressing incident He emphasises that his client is upset about the case and would like to help find a solution.

The victims DNA was found under the suspects car. The lawyer explains that because his client may have driven over Tamar. According to the lawyer, the reason why he did not stop immediately was because his client did not know that he had driven over a person

Grey Mazda

Tamar was found dead early in the morning of 25 July by officers on the verge along the dike between Monnickendam and Marken. Skid marks on the road and the injuries on her body indicated that she most likely died in a collision.

The grey Mazda was seized on 10 August, after, among other things, surveillance footage had been released by the police showing the car.

Three days after Tamar was found, her mother made an appeal to Op1 for the motorist to come forward: