Suspect arrested in Fred van Leer case

For the attempted robbery of stylist Fred van Leer (44) in Rotterdam, the police arrested a 22-year-old Amsterdammer.

The guy was arrested Monday night, according to the police. On Wednesday 18 November two men in PostNL outfit were trying to enter the house of the TV presenter at the Mathenesserlaan in Rotterdam. In addition, they threatened Van Leer with a firearm.

However, he prevented the robbers from entering his home because he could kick them down the stairs. They then left without spoils towards the C.P. Tielestraat. They left on their flight a stolen scooter, the firearm and a cap from PostNL.

The investigation in this case is still in full swing. For example, the search for a second suspect is still eagerly sought. The police are still looking for information. There is a search for people who saw something on the Mathenesserlaan between 7 and 8 oclock in the morning on that particular day.