Suspect attack Chicago bought firearm legally and wore womens clothing

The man suspected of the attack yesterday in a suburb of Chicago bought his firearm legally, according to police. He is also said to have worn women‘s clothing so that he was less noticeable among fleeing bystanders after the shooting.

The motive of the arrested suspect is still unclear. However, the police state that 21-year-old Robert E. Crimo III prepared the attack for weeks. He is said to have randomly opened fire from a roof on an Independence Day parade in suburb Highland Park.

Over 70 bullets

Seven people were shot dead in the attack, about thirty people were injured. The victims are between 8 and 85 years old. Police have announced that the shooter fired more than 70 bullets.

After the attack, the firearm was left on the roof; the shooter had run off. Authorities state that suspect Crimo pretended to be a bystander to the massacre while on the run. Partly because he was wearing women’s clothing, according to the police, he was not recognized by officers as a possible shooter.

To his mother‘s house

The Chicago Tribune writes that the suspect then went to his mother’s home. Crimo allegedly borrowed her car. He was apprehended by officers after an hours-long manhunt. Another rifle was found inside the vehicle. This firearm also appeared to have been purchased legally.

Crimo allegedly posted several violent videos on social media. He was active there under the alias Awake The Rapper. The videos include drawings of shootings.

Weapons Act Tightened After Uvalde Massacre

The United States is regularly affected by attacks such as those in Highland Park. Last year, according to the FBI, there were 61 shootings in which a person tried to shoot as many people as possible in a public place. This was the highest number in twenty years.

A recent example is the massacre at a Texas elementary school. At the end of May, a man in the town of Uvalde shot 19 students and two teachers dead. In the aftermath of this attack, the arms law was slightly tightened.