Suspect double murder French sawmill surrenders after manhunt

The 29-year-old suspect in a double homicide in France has surrendered to the police. Valentin Marcone hid in the woods of the French Cévennes for four days after he shot his boss and a colleague.

French Interior Minister Darmanin has made the arrest of Marcone known on Twitter.

The double murder was Tuesday at a sawmill in the village of Les Plantiers. Marcone had a conflict with his boss over the work schedule, wrote French media.

After the murder, a large manhunt began in the area with gendarmes, units of the anti-terrorism unit, helicopters and tracker dogs.

Marcone was eventually found tucked away and wrapped in complete camouflage gear, says a source to Le Parisien. He probably felt he couldn‘t go any more without a chance of escape.

Audio message father

Yesterday, the police used an audio message from Marcone’s father, who called on his son to surrender. Valentin, Daddy here. I love you, we love you. I have been promised that you will not be shot at if you surrender now.