Suspect shooting Indianapolis bought weapons legally

The 19-year-old suspect in the massacre at a FedEx branch in Indianapolis had legally purchased the weapons he used to kill eight people. Thats what the chief of local police announced at a press conference.

In March of last year, the police seized another weapon from the perpetrator, Brandon Hole. That happened after his mother called to express her concerns about his mental health. According to her, he was planning to lure the police to shoot him, suicide by cop.

The fact that Hole succeeded in acquiring two semi-automatic weapons after that, according to police chief Randal Taylor, indicates that, despite the mothers warning, the authorities did not ask the judge to consider him a potential risk case. In that case, Hole might have been denied the right to a weapon. Taylor wasnt sure that such a hearing had taken place.

Hole was a former FedEx employee and would still have worked in the FedEx branch in the autumn of 2020 where he shot eight people to death on Friday before hitting his hand.


The shooting at the FedEx branch has shocked the inhabitants of Indianapolis and has hit the Sikh community especially hard. At least four victims were Sikhs.

Interests of this religious group have asked the police to investigate whether Brandon had specifically targeted their fellow believers.