Suspected attack Liverpool was in the process of preparing for six months

The man who died Sunday from an explosion at a hospital in Liverpool has spent at least six months preparing an attack. He seems to have acted on his own, but more arrests in the case are not ruled out, the police have announced.

32-year-old Ewad Al-Swealmeen died when an explosive he had with him exploded in a taxi. The car caught fire, the driver was slightly injured in the process. Al-Swealmeen had rented an apartment in Liverpool in April and from then on was also in the process of collecting material that would allow him to make a bomb, police say in an interim of the investigation.

The Al-Swealmeen native of Iraq also appears to have had a history of mental health problems. He tried in vain to obtain a residence permit in Britain and joined the Anglican Church in 2015.

Motive still unclear

After being baptized, he was taken care of for some time by a Christian aid organization. He was also involved in an ecclesiastical community, but there he was out of the picture since 2019. In the previous period, he trained as a pastry chef.

Whether the women‘s hospital in Liverpool was the target of the attack is not certain by the way. Nothing has been said about a motive yet, but the police consider it a terrorist attack.

After Sunday’s explosion and a recent murder of a parliamentarian, the threat level in the United Kingdom has scaled up. A new attack is highly likely.