Suspected knife attacks in Birmingham arrested

Police in Birmingham have arrested a man for the series of knife attacks in the night from Saturday to Sunday. One man was killed and seven people were injured in the English city.

This is a man of 27. He was arrested last night around 4 a.m. in a house in Birmingham.

Yesterday the police announced that there was a suspect in the murder investigation. Images were shared from security cameras, showing a suspect wearing a hoodie and cap.

The police talk on Twitter with the arrest about a “crucial development”, but stress that witnesses are still being sought. Today, parts of the city have also been cordoned off because of the investigation.

No announcements were made about the possible motive of the man. It would have been a random attack on people. The incidents don’t seem to be “hate related” according to the police. There are also no indications of gang violence and the authorities do not assume an act of terrorism.