Suspects deny involvement in fatal abuse Mallorca

Two men suspected of the series of violence incidents in Mallorca last summer will be released for the time being. Three other suspects who, according to the State, are involved in the fatal outcome assault remain trapped.

At the pro-forma hearing, the three suspects Mees T. (18) Sanil B. (19) and Hein B. (18) stated that they did not touch the fatal victim, 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman. โ€œI didn‘t even see him,โ€ said suspect T.

In the case of B., T., and B. the court considers the seriousness of the fatal assault and additional incidents of violence to be too heavy to go along with the request for early release by their lawyers.

The two other suspects Daan van S. (18) and Kaan B. (19) may await the substantive trial in freedom. They are not suspected of being involved in the fatal abuse of Heuvelman, but of other acts of violence during the step night in Mallorca.

Manslaughter and Manslaughter

The court hopes to be able to deal with the extensive court case for the summer of 2022. โ€œWhether that succeeds is only the question,โ€ the judge added. The file now has about 2,000 pages and sixty witnesses have been heard according to the prosecution.

The suspects are part of a larger group of friends from Hilversum and surrounding areas. Eight of them have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the violence. The allegations vary by person, but the total involves twice attempted manslaughter, once manslaughter and twice overt violence. The state states that there has been at least twice on victims who were already on the ground.

Never should have happened

In court, T. stated that he was involved in the series of brawls during the Majorca step night last summer. But that the brawl in question that led to the death of 27-year-old Carlo Heuvelman โ€œplayed out behind his backโ€.

Sanil B. acknowledged that he fought and that he kicked a person on the ground, but that was not Heuvelman, according to B. He describes the series of incidents as โ€œan innocent nightlife argument that exploded into a major chaos. It should never have happened.โ€

Kicked someone out of fear

Hein B. declares that he was not close to the victim killed. โ€œIt’s true that I kicked someone against the upper body because I was scared.โ€ According to the defendants‘s lawyers, their clients have already been convicted in advance by media publications, while there would have been provocations over and over again.

The prosecution states that the camera footage and witnesses tell a clear story. But adds that the case is still far from the end. Additional witnesses and video footage are still being searched. For example, Heuvelman’s abuse has not yet been usable video. According to the Court, there is sufficient evidence of the other serious assaults to prove the aforementioned charges.

Dna on shoe

According to the judge, it calls for the three suspects to say they have had nothing to do with the assault, while witnesses state that this was the case. Heuvelman‘s DNA would also have been found on Sanil B.

According to his lawyer, it’s too early for any conclusions about the DNA investigation. He speaks of a small DNA trace, which is not yet clear whether it comes from skin, saliva or hair, for example. Furthermore, the counselor argues that several witnesses said that Heuvelman had fallen on a sidewalk with the back of his head and that he may have died as a result.

Stairs on the ground

On the night of July 14 to 15, Heuvelman from Waddinxveen was kicked and beaten so seriously that he died of his injuries. A total of eight men from Hilversum were arrested in connection with multiple violent incidents that night on the Spanish island.