‘Suspension Baudet seems off track, no ruling on complaint from factions’

A complaint by eight political parties in the House of Representatives against Forum for Democracy leader Baudet has been declared inadmissible, reports RTL Nieuws. That means that the suspension that Baudet hung over his head is off track.

In June, the groups of VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, PvdA, Party for the Animals and Volt filed a complaint about Baudet to the integrity committee of the House of Representatives. In doing so, they wanted to force the FVD foreman to abide by the rules of parliament. Baudet refuses to report ancillary positions, additional income and gifts in a public register, which is mandatory for MPs.

The Integrity Committee already ruled in March that Baudet had to be tapped on the fingers for non-compliance with parliamentary regulations. That also happened: a vast majority of the House of Representatives summoned him to report his ancillary positions and additional income.

When Baudet continued to refuse to do so, the eight parties mentioned filed a complaint with the integrity committee. According to RTL Nieuws, however, the three members of that committee consider themselves โ€œnot authorizedโ€ to impose a sentence on him.

Conflict of Interest Registers

In the public records of the House of Representatives, all parliamentarians must report their ancillary functions, benefits and gifts with a value of more than 50 euros. This should prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest.

In addition to a member of parliament and FVD leader, Baudet is also a board member of Forum voor Democratie BV, a company that deals with commercial activities. He is also director of a publishing company in Amsterdam and has earned tens of thousands of euros from selling books.

Earlier, a spokesperson for FvD said that Baudets side activities and additional income have nothing to do with his parliamentary work. Thats why he wont give them up.