Suzanne Schulting starts European Championships in Poland

Suzanne Schulting impressed immediately during the first day of the European Shorttrack Championships in Gdansk, Poland.

The 23-year-old Dutch reaches the next round at all individual distances flawlessly. At the 500, 1000 and 1500 meters, she won her sovereign heat. At the shortest distance, the Friezin even did this in a personal record: 42,606. Both in 2019 (Dordrecht) and in 2020 (Debrecen) Schulting seized the European title in the all-round classification.

Also with the relay team, the Olympic champion on the 1000 meter Friday made no mistake. She reached the semi-finals on the side of Georgie Dalrymple, Selma Poutsma and Xandra Velzeboer. Just like Schulting, Poutsma and Velzeboer also reached the next round at all distances. Velzeboer and Poutsma won their heat on the 500 meters, they both finished second in the 1000 and on the 1500 meters Velzeboer became first and Poutsma second.

Two competitors of Schulting, Arianna Fontana and Elise Christie, do not participate. Fontana skips the European Championships, because in the run-up to the World Cup in March in Dordrecht, she does not want to risk getting infected with the coronavirus. Christie is at home because the British team withdrew from the tournament.