Swarm of bees attacks footballers: match discontinued

The football match for promotion to the second division in Bolivia between Nueva Santa Cruz and Aiquile FC will be discussed for a long time. Not because of the result, although Nueva Santa Cruz will be quite happy with the 5-1 win, but because of a break from the game.

In the second half, the game had to be stopped Sunday because the players in the ร‰dgar Peรฑa Gutiรฉrrez in Warnes were attacked by a swarm of bees.

While some players lay out on the grass so as not to disturb the insects further, others flew wildly with arms and shirts.

โ€œWhat can you do about it?โ€ , Aiquile team doctor Jesus Rendรณn responded to local news media. โ€œThe wind has disrupted the bees. It‘s nature. I’ve never experienced this before.โ€ The bees were chased out with flares, video footage shows.

Eventually the game had to be interrupted for two hours. After that, Aiquile FC suffered a two-way painful defeat. Nueva Santa Cruz won the Copa Simรณn Bolรญvar, the former second division.