Swart sees two more Ajax vacancies: ‘In case of an injury, you have problems’

Ajax strengthened with five players this summer, but according to club icon Sjaak Swart, the Amsterdam club is not ready yet. An extra striker and right back would be welcome.
With Steven Bergwijn, Brian Brobbey and Francisco Conceiรงรฃo, Ajax brought in three attackers. All positions are not yet double occupied, says Swart. โ€œI do think that there is still a need for a striker. Brobbey is the only real striker and if he gets injured, you have problemsโ€, says Mister Ajax to Ajax Showtime.
The right-back position would also deserve reinforcement. โ€œRensch can be a good one, he has everything in him, but you have to show it,โ€ says Swart, who calls it a ‘minor disability. He is very pleased with the purchase of mountain wine. โ€œI like them all, but Bergwijn has an individual action in the penalty area. In addition, he has a terribly good shot. He can also play in all positions.โ€