Swede finds art treasures over 2500 years old in forest

A Swede who started an orientation trip in south-west Sweden at the beginning of this month has stumbled upon a bronze age art treasure. In a forest near the town of Alingsรฅs, he found some fifty jewelry and utensils that are estimated to be over 2500 years old.

A Swedish professor speaks in the Gรถtenborgs-Posten of a unique find. According to him, the neck and bracelets, footrings, clothing pins and axe are very well preserved. He thinks they belong to one or more prominent women.

The man from Alingsรฅs had just climbed onto a rock when he saw something in his corner of the eye. โ€œAt first I thought it was a lamp, but when I looked better, I saw that it was old jewelry,โ€ he told the newspaper.

Archaeologists believe that the jewelry and utensils were put into the ground at the same time. All these years they remained untouched. Presumably they came to the surface by digging animals.

Swedish law says that such finds fall to the state. A special commission decides whether the finder receives a reward.