Swedish couple wants to call baby ‘Vladimir Putin’ should not be of civil status

Vladimir Putin also has fans outside the Russian country borders. Even to the extent that a Swedish couple recently decided to bless their newborn son with the first name ‘Vladimir Putin’. However, the civil registry did a stick and refused to register the first name in the registry.

The parents, who live in a small village in southern Sweden, had chosen to call their son ‘Vladimir Putin’, the usual transcript of the Russian president‘s name in both Swedish and English.

According to the civil registry, the name falls under the category ‘inappropriate names‘. โ€œThe first name must not be able to offend or embarrass the person bearing the name, or be considered inappropriate for any reasonโ€, it sounds like the Swedish tax authorities, who is competent in the matter.

โ€œSurnames are not suitable as a first name, and this also applies to names similar to surnames,โ€ says the tax authorities in a statement, which dates back to the beginning of this month.

Separate first names

The Swedish tax authority has also refused to accept that โ€œVladimirโ€ and โ€œPutinโ€ can be considered as two separate first names. โ€œIn this case, the tax authorities decide that the combination should be assessed in its entirety.โ€

The parents were sent a new first name registration form. It’s not clear which first name they chose in the end.