Swedish Prime Minister Wants To Start After Fall Cabinet

Swedens Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will try to form a new coalition after his minority cabinet fell last week due to a motion of mistrust. Löfven continues to lead the interim government for the time being.

There will be no interim elections if he succeeds in putting together a new cabinet. The regular parliamentary elections are scheduled for September next year.

The Prime Minister who stepped up said at a press conference that the country has fallen into a difficult parliamentary situation. He also indicated that interim elections, partly because of the corona pandemic, are not a good idea.

Liberalizing Rental Market

The minority cabinet fell last week because a motion of mistrust was adopted about a controversial lease plan. Löfvens intention to liberalise strictly regulated rents led to the filing of the motion by right-wing parties.

181 out of 349 parliamentarians voted for the motion. The Left Party, which gave support to the cabinet, also supported the motion. Critics fear that the plan would lead to major rental increases. Löfvens Cabinet thought that was necessary to stimulate the construction of houses.