Swedish prisoners hostage guards and demands pizza

A hostage drama in a Swedish prison got a separate turn yesterday afternoon when the two hostage-takers demanded pizzas in exchange for the release of one of the two hostage guards.

The hostage in the Hรคllby Prison in Eskilstuna began around noon. Two homice-convicted prisoners overpowered two guards and entrenched in the security room of a ward.

Initially, the two demanded a helicopter to flee with. A few hours later, they changed their demands: pizza for all twenty prisoners in the department in exchange for one of the guards.

Not Paid

The negotiators decided to admit to the requirement and passed on the unusual order to a local pizzeria. Sailing detail: the prison staff who picked up the pizzas from pizza maker Beshar Toma apparently had no money with them, as Toma didn‘t get paid, writes Swedish TV channel SVT.

In exchange for the pizzas, one of the hostages was released by appointment. A few hours later, the other guard was also released and the hostage-takers surrendered. The prison management didn’t want to give details about that.

The hostage-takers were transported to Eskilstuna Police Station. They will later be trial for deprivation of liberty.