Swiss newspapers bow to Ajax: Whats left after this plundering?

The Swiss newspapers are united: Ajax was supreme and Young Boys didnt stand a chance. A miracle is needed for the leader of Switzerland to pass to the quarter-finals of the Europa League. Football scoop makes a round along the Swiss media.
Ajax had little to fear from Young Boys. Peter Bosz
s Bayer Leverkusen had to recognize his superior in the Swiss top club over two matches and will have watched the match in Amsterdam shaking head. It became 3-0 for Ajax, which did not get into trouble for a moment.
โ€œCompletely unchance, summarizes 20 Minutes the game. โ€œYoung Boys didnt stand a chance against Ajax. The Dutch were too good. Young Boys had so much planned and wanted to create a new sensation. After the two victories at Bayer Leverkusen, the next top team had to be defeated. But Ajax was a buddy too big for Young Boys. Already in the opening phase, the Swiss were overrun. Yes, Ajaxs attack engine was already running at full speed in the early stages. Thanks to goalkeeper Guillaume Faivre, it didnt quickly become 1-0.
The newspaper quotes a verdict by Erik ten Hag. The Ajax trainer said that attacks by Young Boys look like a โ€œrobberyโ€, given the threatening players. Threatening, however, they were not a moment in Amsterdam. โ€œWhat
s left after this plundering?โ€ , asks 20 Minutes aptly. โ€œWell, hope. It was only the first game. Maybe the return will go well.โ€

Dagblad BLICK shares the opinion of 20 Minutes: Ajax handed out the sheets. โ€œYoung Boys needs a miracle. Ajax did not set the tone completely unexpectedly and looked for a goal, which did not find it. (…) Victory is deserved. The leader of the Netherlands smelled blood! And if Tadic and Brobbey had taken advantage of their opportunities, the defeat of Young Boys could have been even greater.โ€
This is of a high level. This is AjaxYB stood with his back against the wall for ninety minutes and burst after an hour of play, says the Swiss French language Le Matin. This is of a high level. This is also Ajax Amsterdam. Young Boys had the feeling for a long time that they could knock down the Dutch waves. But the Swiss broke, and the Ajacides benefited from the gaps in the defense.โ€
Le Matin points to the outstanding Faivre, which saved Young Boys several times from a counter-goal in the first half. However, he had no chance in the second half. โ€œToo much talent,โ€ says Le Matin.
The reigning champion of Switzerland had less than a third of the game and shot only once at goal and that shot was also blocked by a defender… It is clear that the return in Wankdorf will not be overflowing with tension.
What Young Boys showed against Ajax looked good for a long time, but eventually the club gets out of Bern as a clear loser of the field: 0-3 and zero shots at target are the clear figures, Tages Anzeiger summarizes the match. In contrast to the duel with Leverkusen, the Swiss champion never came away from the grip of Ajax to perform finished counters. In the last minutes of the game, YB was struggling. It takes a little miracle to continue.