Sworn Dordtse judge not in order: six cases should be about

The court in Dordrecht has to do six cases again, because at a recent criminal hearing one of the judges was not sworn in. As a result, the decisions taken at this session are not valid, reports the court.

It concerns matters which were dealt with last week 7 January. Shortly thereafter, it appeared that the sworn in of the youngest judge was not in order, so last Thursday there were only two sworn judges in place of the required three.

One of the cases concerned a preparatory session on the fatal shooting in Ridderkerk, where it was decided to extend the custody of the 26-year-old suspect from Breda. That session will be reviewed on 26 January, announces a spokesman for the court. The other five cases will also be repeated this month.

โ€œ Its very annoying. This takes extra time for the court, but it is particularly annoying for all concerned,โ€ said the spokesman. The court regrets the course of events.