Sydney reopens to tourists, rest of Australia remains closed

Vaccinated foreign travelers will be able to fly to Sydney in Australia next month without having to quarantine upon arrival. The state of New South Wales announced Friday that it will reopen international borders, although they will remain closed throughout the rest of the country.

To date, only Australians or permanent residents of Australia can enter the country, subject to a fourteen-day quarantine obligation. But New South Wales, which has recently emerged from lockdown and where more than 70 percent of the eligible population have been vaccinated, has now taken the lead in adapting the rules.

Starting November 1st, foreigners will be able to fly to Sydney Airport if they can demonstrate that they have been vaccinated and can submit a negative corona test before boarding. In that case, they will be exempted from any quarantine. Unvaccinated travelers will still have to quarantine at a medical hotel.

The New South Wales announcement ahead of the national plan to reopen Australias borders. โ€œWe cant live here in a recluse kingdom. So many companies depend on tourism for their trade and business,โ€ said Dominic Perrottet, the Prime Minister of New South Wales. According to current rules, only 2,000 tourists per week are allowed to arrive at Sydney Airport, which was one of the busiest in the world before the pandemic.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison applauds New South Wales decision but said the states reopening will be in stages. โ€œI want to be clear: not everyone will be able to enter Australia at the same time,โ€ it sounds.