Synthetik 2 bagel will be released into early Steam access this year

The two-person independent Berlin studio Flow Fire Games has announced a sequel to its game Synthetik: Legion Rising. Two-stick shooter with elements of the Synthetik 2 bagel this year will be released into early access Steam. Players are waiting for a direct continuation of the history of Legion Rising.

We will once again find ourselves in a world captured by the ruthless Legion of Machines. And the new tasks will be much more difficult: defeat the gods and prevent Armageddon.

In Synthetik 2, we can experiment with powerful technologies and an expanded system of classes and get hold of powerful arsenals of various factions. The technology of the game is redesigned from scratch, which will affect not only the improved picture, but also on new mechanics and functions.

More details about what awaits players in the sequel of the popular bagel, will be told in coming soon. More on Igamania Screenwriters Life is Strange and Tales from the Borderlands are working on Growing Up Gord, the game of former CD producer Projekt RED, turned out to be a simulation of the colony of Truncheons, water cannons and & laquo; hammersโ€: announced by Riot Control Simulator.