Synthetik 2 creators revealed two minutes of gameplay

Not long ago, the two-person Berlin studio Flow Fire Games announced a shooter with elements of the Synthetik 2 bagel, a sequel to its own game Synthetik: Legion Rising. And now announced that the early access Steam project will be released on August 19. The announcement timed the first gameplay trailer Synthetik 2.

It showed an unedited two-minute recording of the game. At the same time, the class used is also unedited: it does not have perks, modules, obweights and enhancements.

To test a two-stick shooter in the third person everyone will be able very soon, in the course of the Steam Next Fest festival. From June 16, a temporary demo of Synthetik 2 will be available.

It includes one level with the boss, two classes with a development system, as well as training for beginners. More on CCeit Authors Shin Megami Tensei announced Monark role-playing game Jason Schreier: Starfield and Skull and Bones will be released at the end of 2022 Microsoft will pay even more attention to games.