Syria-goer Fatima H. sentenced to four years in prison

The court in Rotterdam has imprisoned 25-year-old Syrian goer Fatima H. from Tilburg for four years, of which sixteen months are conditional. She gets the penalty for years of participation in terrorist organization ISIS.

The woman travelled to Syria at the age of 17 and remained in IS-controlled area until the fall of the caliphate. H. was married to a Belgian IS fighter, who died in 2017. With him, she had two children. In 2019 she and her two children returned to the Netherlands via Turkey.

Her return was partly paid for by Samir A., a well-known salafist who is currently being prosecuted in the Netherlands for financing terrorism.

During her trial, H. said that she despises the violent ideology of IS and that at that time she did not know that her husband was a warrior. She also stated that she travelled to Syria at that time โ€œto help orphansโ€. The court does not believe that statement, reports Omroep Brabant.

Tried to persuade others

According to the judge, she has mastered the ideas of IS and supported her warring husband. She also posted posts on Facebook about jihad, propaganda, had firearms and tried to persuade others to travel to Syria as well.

As a mitigating circumstance, the court took into account that her departure to Syria was โ€œan immature, impulsive actโ€, the consequences of which it did not foresee. The court also weighs the interests of her children.

The prosecutors office had demanded four years in prison against H.