Syria reports deaths due to Israeli air strike

Syrian state media report that an Israeli airstrike on Syria killed five, including a civilian. Seven people were also said to have been injured. The messages from the Israeli side have not been responded to.

According to state news agency SANA, the missiles came down at the town of Masyaf, in the west of the country. Some are said to have been shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft. According to the Syrians, the missiles caused wildfires and there is material damage, but what exactly hit has not been disclosed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which from the United Kingdom monitors the situation in Syria and relies on local sources, reports that four soldiers include a lieutenant among the dead. The Israelis would have been arms depots and command posts of Iranian militias.

As usual, the Israeli army did not respond to the messages. In recent years, Israel has carried out hundreds of these kinds of attacks on targets in Syria, but hardly ever says anything about it. In general, Israel has repeatedly indicated that attacks like this in Syria are directed against Iran-backed militias, such as Hezbollah.