Sywert van Lienden at Buitenhof

Opinionmaker and CDA member Sywert van Lienden joins the TV program Buitenhof on Sunday to talk about the mouth cap deal with the Ministry of Health. He was compromised because it made millions of euros, while repeatedly saying that he would deliver the masks disinterested.

Last Friday, Van Lienden reported in a statement that he could not give information about the deal because he would have to comply with a duty of confidentiality imposed by the Ministry. But the ministry immediately denied that.

Buitenhof writes: โ€œSince De Volkskrant and Follow the Money revealed that Sywert van Lienden and his business partners have earned millions from the import of Chinese mouthcaps, a massive outrage has arisen. Are the amounts correct? And why did he declare last year that he didnt deserve anything from it? In Buitenhof: Sywert van Lienden.โ€


The affair led to indignation in the House of Representatives. PVV leader Geert Wilders wants the agreement, which was concluded last spring, to be annulled. Diederik Gommers and Ernst Kuipers showed themselves angry about the deal. The CDA examines the request of a CDA member to disbarred Van Lienden as a party member.

Buitenhof is Sunday at 12.10 pm on NPO1 and is presented by Twan Huys.