T-Mobile investigates voice problems Song Contest

Telecomprovider T-Mobile examines what went wrong on Saturday when voting in the Netherlands during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. A spokesman will inform the ANP if requested.

Hundreds of people received a report on Saturday that their vote was not counted, even though they had voted on time. According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the dome that organizes the Song Contest, the problem was the Dutch branch of T-Mobile. However, there was no malfunction, says the spokesman. โ€œWe havent been able to figure out what was going on yet and investigate where the problem lies.โ€

It is not clear how many votes are involved. The website DroidApp states that our own research has shown that at least hundreds of SMS votes have been wrongly declared invalid. The EBU stated earlier that it deplored the Dutch voting problems, but it also said that the result is still valid. All votes that have arrived have been checked.

For the results of the Song Contest, the audience votes are fifty percent, the other part is determined by the international professional juries. Italy won on Saturday mainly through the votes of the public, which is correct according to the EBU.