Tabloid violated privacy Meghan by publishing personal letter

A British tabloid has violated the privacy of Prince Harrys wife Meghan Markle. Thats what a British judge ruled. The couple had filed the case after Mail on Sunday had published parts of a handwritten letter from Meghan to her father.

Meghan wrote the five-point letter in August 2018, after tensions had arisen in her relationship with her father after her marriage to Harry. Among other things, it said that her father had broken her heart into a million pieces.

The lawyers called publication of parts of the personal and sensitive letter a triple attack on her private life, her family, and on letter secrecy. The publisher of the tabloid opposed that it would have been Meghans intention to have the letter leaked. That would be part of her media strategy.


Mail on Sunday published parts of the letter in February 2019, according to its own words to give Meghan the opportunity to respond to comments from anonymous friends. The judge did not go along with that reasoning and determined that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, could have assumed that the letter would remain private. Disclosure did not serve a clear purpose and was therefore illegal, according to the ruling.

The judge did not rule on the extent to which copyright was infringed. For this, it is important whether Meghan wrote the letter alone or whether communication staff co-wrote it.

At the beginning of last year, Meghan and Harry laid down all their royal duties and moved to live in the United States.