Tactical fighting game Fights in Tight Spaces out into early access

Studio Ground Shatter and publishing house Mode 7 unveiled their strategic action film Fights in Tight Spaces last summer, as part of the Guerrilla Collective show. And now the game has already gone into early access. In the game we will have to cope with hand to hand with opponents, while performing side tasks – for example, to save the life of a hostage or to meet the assigned number of moves.

Unusual is that all fights take place in a limited space, on several game cages. For success it is necessary to carefully think through the strategy of the battle, skillfully disposed of the available cards skills: strokes, taunts, castling, dodging, jerks.

For the victory, the hero receives new cards, which allows you to cope with increasingly difficult situations. You can get acquainted with Fights in Tight Spaces in Steam stores, Epic Games Store and GOG.

com. A little later, it will be available in Xbox Game Preview on the Xbox Series.

Until March 3, the game is sold at a discount, on Steam it costs 418 rubles. More on the CCeit Neo-Retro Metroidovaniya Narita Boy comes out in March CyberTown: in Poland make another Cyberpunk Three worlds on posters and in the story trailer Paradise Lost.