Tadic: ‘Mackkelie is our best referee, but this was 100 percent one’

Dusan Tadic returned to the penalty moment in the first half after the cup final. The Serbian captain didnt understand that he didnt get a penalty after a duel with Joey Veerman in the penalty area.
Arbitrator Danny Makkelie thought Tadics fall was too willing and decided not to whistle. If I thought it was a penalty? Yes, one hundred percent, said the Ajax captain during the press conference afterwards. I cant believe this wasnt a penalty. Makkelie is our best referee, but this was one hundred percent.
Ajax has now seen his second chance of a grand prize go up in smoke and has one more chance: in the matches against NEC, PEC Zwolle, AZ, sc Heerenveen and Vitesse, a four-point lead must be defended on PSV. Tadic throws out his well-known one-liner. We want to take every prize and you give it away in three, four minutes: that shouldn
t be possible for a serious team. But were still playing five finals and we need to grab scale.