Tagliafico has a new look: ‘If it’s okay, I’ll only wear it for a couple of weeks’

Nicolรกs Tagliafico notes that there are more eyes on Ajax than on other clubs in the Netherlands. The Argentine defender argues that this pressure makes Ajax stronger. Tagliafico also tells about his new look.

โ€œWhen you join a club like Ajax, the biggest club in the Netherlands, all eyes are on you,โ€ says Tagliafico in conversation with the club channels of Ajax. โ€œEvery news here is bigger than any other club. That‘s normal, that’s the pressure that suits us. It‘s good for us too, it makes us stronger.โ€
In the match against Willem II, Tagliafico suffered a wound to his eye, so he had to shoot the topper against AZ. In the cup cracker against PSV, the left-back seems to be able to make its appearance again. โ€œThe recovery has gone very fast. My vision is still perfect. I just have to be careful and protect my eye.โ€
Protecting his eye does Tagliafico by wearing glasses while playing football. โ€œMy glasses are just a little bigger than the one he used,โ€ he laughs. โ€œIt’
s important for me to get used to the glasses. If it‘s okay, I’ll only wear it for a couple of weeks.โ€