Tagliafico: “Ive always wanted to move to a stronger competition”

Nicolás Tagliafico could not confirm after the game against Vitesse on Sunday afternoon that he played his last match on behalf of Ajax. However, the Argentine left back is still open for a transfer.

Tagliafico lost its base spot this season and would have agreed with the now departed Marc Overmars that Ajax would cooperate with a departure in the summer. Whether that agreement still stands remains to be seen. Whether this was my last match for Ajax? I can‘t say that right now, maybe, maybe not, says Tagliafico from Arnhem in conversation with ESPN. My contract continues for one more year.
However, the fact that the 39-time Argentinian international is not unsympathetic to a step higher is above water. I’
ve always wanted to move to a stronger competition, in order to grow. I like it here, but sometimes — whether you like it or not — you stay in your comfort zone for too long, says Tagliafico. But I won‘t leave until it’s beneficial for everyone.