Taiwan reports biggest raid so far by Chinese Air Force

Taiwan has reported large-scale military power display by China. 28 Chinese Air Force aircraft flew along the democratically controlled island off the Chinese coast, the largest number reported so far by the Taiwanese authorities.

According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, the Chinese air fleet consisted of both fighter planes and bombers. Aircraft flew near the Taiwan controlled Pratas Islands and south Taiwan itself. The Taiwanese Armed Forces responded by also sending fighters into the air.

China sees Taiwan as its own territory and more often sends groups of fighters to the island. It takes a lot of money to respond to that much smaller Taiwan. The Taiwanese authorities said earlier this year that they do not automatically take off their own fighters as Chinese aircraft approach. They want to follow intruders from the ground more often with rocket systems.

The Chinese authorities have not yet responded to the latest incident in Taiwans airspace. The Communist Peoples Republic also received criticism from NATO countries earlier this week. They found that Chinas ambitions and behavior pose โ€œsystemic challengesโ€ for the world order of mutual agreements and rules.