Taiwanese boy (7) dies after 27 fall at judo

A 7-year-old Taiwanese boy who got into a coma after throwing 27 times to the ground during a judo lesson died. Because of the falls, the boy suffered various brain hemorrhages and damage to his organs. He was in a coma for seventy days. On Tuesday, his parents decided to stop the ventilation.

The boys coach has been charged with inflicting serious physical injury and inciting children to a crime. He had other children practice with the boy even though he had hardly any experience with judo. He also used the boy to show ways to throw someone on the ground. When the boy complained of headaches and had to vomit, the coach continued. He didnt stop until the child lost consciousness.

According to a statement by the Taiwanese Public Prosecutors Office, the coach was angry because the boy had called him “a big idiot.”