Take-Two refused to publish the People Can Fly studio project

The Polish studio People Can Fly, known, in particular, for Painkiller and Outriders, has been working on a high-budget action role-playing movie under the working name Project Dagger since 2020. Take-Two Interactive was the publisher, investor and customer of the project. However, she has decided to abandon this project.

So far, the studio is analyzing the extensive notice of termination of the contract and has not said why this decision was made. However, it has already been announced that Take-Two will not require a refund of all investments and is not going to buy back the rights to the game.

Project Dagger is still in pre-production, but the team is confident as a future game and is going to continue working. The studio will publish on its own, unless there is another option.

So far, the team is focused on redesigning combat and gaming systems, as well as moving from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. People Can Fly is currently working on the development of Outriders and works on seven new projects at once.

In addition to Project Dagger, the studio is making a high-budget Project Gemini game for Square Enix, developing the Project Red concept, working on smaller Project Bifrost and Victoria projects, and two virtual reality games. More on Gambling The creators of the shooter I.

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