Taliban acts are at odds with beautiful words in press conference

The Taliban guarantees the freedom of all citizens in Afghanistan and no one has to fear for their lives. Thats the message the Taliban has been sending since Kabuls ingestion. But is that reality in Afghanistan?

Yesterday, the Taliban gave a press conference in Kabul. In it, spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid once again emphasized that the Taliban is not looking for revenge. Afghans who have fought against the Taliban or worked with Western powers, too, have nothing to fear.

Still, more and more messages are appearing that contradicting that. A source of DecceIT heard from his family that in their street in Kabul old Afghan soldiers were shot down by the Taliban.

Human Rights Organization Refugee Lives Matter reports about a Taliban settlement in Jalalabad. A former interpreter who worked for the Americans would have been shot in front of his wife and children.

Also in Nangarhar Province, interpreters who worked for Western countries would have been arrested and tortured, reports Refugee Lives Matter.

At the Taliban press conference, Mujahid further said that the Taliban respects freedom of expression, but within the context of Sharia.

Kill in Protest Jalalabad

Meanwhile, in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, there are certainly a dead and several injured people in a demonstration ended by the Taliban. Eyewitnesses tell Reuters news agency that the injured and deaths fell in a shooting, which arose after residents of Jalalabad had tried to raise the Afghan national flag on a square in the city centre.

Taliban fighters hoist a white flag with an Islamic text in areas they have conquered. The protesters wanted to replace it with the Afghan flag.

Journalists are also having a hard time in Afghanistan. For example, the US CNN correspondent in Kabul Clarissa Ward reports that her producer was attacked by two Taliban fighters who tried to hit him with their guns.

Women can remain active under a Taliban government, for example in the field of education and care, the spokesperson said. There will be no discrimination, he assured, as long as women move within the borders of Sharia, the strict-Islamic laws rules. What thats going to look like in practice is unclear.

Messages from other Afghan provinces are not hopeful. For example, in Herat, one of the cities that fell last week, women would be expelled from offices and university, reports correspondent Aletta André. There are also reports about a province where the Taliban would already be preparing a list of marrying girls.

Female Presenters

On the other hand, Afghan news channel ToloneWS still shows female presenters. Yesterday, a Taliban press officer was interviewed by an Afghan journalist. It is something that 20 years ago, when the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan, would have been unthinkable.

At Afghan state broadcaster RTA Pashto, a female news host who wanted to go to work today was stopped. Despite wearing a headscarf and having a valid ID, the Taliban said: the regime has changed. Go home, Shabnam Dawran said on Twitter today.