Taliban declare victory in Kabul Presidential Palace

The Taliban took over power in Afghanistan after having managed to a large part of the capital Kabul. In the presidential palace in Kabul, representatives of the Islamic fundamentalists proclaimed victory, was seen on images broadcast by the Arab channel al-Jazeera.

Major Taliban leader mullah Baradar stated that the real test to rule effectively is now going to begin by solving citizens‘ problems. The politician noted that the rapid conquest of the country has not been shown anywhere before.

What the new regime will look like and what kind of governance comes becomes clear quickly, a spokesperson said. He reiterated that the Taliban will provide security to citizens and diplomatic missions. โ€œWe are ready for dialogue with all Afghan players and will guarantee their protection.โ€ The movement also expressed the expectation that foreign troops will not repeat their โ€œfailing experienceโ€ in Afghanistan. As an outstretched hand, a sayman would like to talk about the concerns of the international community.

President Ashraf Ghani left his country in the afternoon, and a few hours later the radical movement had taken possession of his palace. Ghani has acknowledged his defeat.

โ€œThe former Afghan president left the country,โ€ said influential politician Abdullah Abdullah, who tried to manage the peace process in his country, in a video on his Facebook page. โ€œGod will hold him accountable,โ€ he said.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations calls on the Taliban and others in Afghanistan to save lives and be reluctant. Antรณnio Guterres said that shortly after the fundamentalist movement proclaimed victory after an unprecedented rapid advance by Afghanistan.

Guterres urged the Taliban to respect the rights of women and girls and to allow humanitarian aid unhindered.

Embassy at airport, shots heard

The Dutch Embassy in Kabul has been evacuated. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson confirms that the Embassy was moved on the night of Saturday to Sunday to a location close to the airport of the Afghan capital.

The U.S. Embassy warned Sunday of the deteriorating security situation in the capital and around the airport, where a major evacuation is taking place. Western embassy staff and staff of international aid organizations are trying to leave the country safely.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has announced that the alliance will do everything to keep Kabul Airport open for evacuation. Stoltenberg has been in contact with, among others, demissionary foreign minister Sigrid Kaag, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the foreign ministers of Canada and Denmark about the situation in Afghanistan.

The US and NATO say they have the airport under control, but shots have been reported. Social media has complaints from people stuck at the airport in Kabul. For example, a Dutch on Twitter says it’s stuck in Kabul โ€œbecause the flights have been cancelled.โ€ This Niloufar Chinikar, working on TV youth shows for Afghanistan, blames the Netherlands for doing nothing about it. โ€œPlease help us get out of here.โ€ She also wants a spot on a military plane.

Afghans cannot leave their country on a commercial flight from the capital Kabul airport for the time being. Only military flights are allowed there, a NATO spokesperson confirmed.


Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, according to local media, proclaimed a curfew โ€œto preserve order and protect citizens‘ lives and property.โ€ The nightlife ban applies since 9pm local time (6.30 pm Dutch time) throughout the city.

District Control The Taliban

said earlier Sunday in control of half of the districts in Afghan capital Kabul. Eleven of the total 22 districts the city has, according to a spokesperson, were already in the hands of the Muslim extremist group on Sunday afternoon. The jihadists have invaded the districts to โ€œensure safety.โ€

More and more jihadists have entered the city during the day. Fighters were ordered to enter Kabul to prevent looting after soldiers and police officers left their posts.

Western troops

, including from the Netherlands, have tried to train soldiers and instigate Afghans democracy and human rights after the attacks in the US of September 11, 2001. The withdrawal of US led troopsled to the rise of fundamentalists much faster than expected, who may have prepared for the rapid power grip for years.

Founded in 1994, the Taliban came to power in the Asian country at the end of the last century after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan. Their strict regime meant, among other things, women should cover their faces in public. The current class says women are allowed to go to school and study and work, but that is questioned.

The attack by the Americans and their allies at the time was the end of the Taliban administrators, who had sheltered terror group al-Qaeda. President Joe Biden’s US government has rejected criticism of the withdrawal so far and claims that the goals have been achieved.

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