Taliban: IS cell in North Kabul destroyed

The Taliban in Afghanistan say they eliminated an IS cell in the northern part of Kabul. โ€œThe IS base has been destroyed and all IS members who were inside have been killed,โ€ says a Taliban spokesman.

Local media reported last night that there was a hard fight in that part of the city. Local residents heard explosions and the sound of firearm shots.

The Taliban spokesman did not relate to the bombing yesterday at a mosque in Kabul. That attack would have killed at least five people and four injured, all visitors to a memorial service for a mother of a leading Taliban member.


The responsibility for that attack has not been claimed by anyone, but he was presumably committed by the Afghan branch of Islamic State: IS-K. Members regard the Taliban as apostates.

IS-K is mainly active in the east of the country, in Nangarhar Province. The group recently claimed attacks in the provincial capital of Jalalabad, and it said it was also behind the Kabul airport attack in August, killing 13 Americans and some 170 Afghans.