‘Taliban Leader Baradar Beces New Afghan Government Leader’

Mullah Baradar, one of the founders of the Taliban, will be Afghanistans new head of government. International news agencies report that based on sources within the extremist movement. His government would be presented in the short term.

A son of Taliban founder mullah Omar would also be in the new government. In the capital Kabul, Taliban leaders have come together to agree on the formation of the new government.

Mullah Baradar ranks as a moderate Taliban leader. He was arrested by Pakistan in 2010 and released again in 2018.

โ€œAmerica and Afghanistan had called for that release so that Baradar could be negotiated,โ€ says correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ. โ€œBaradar is a real political leader, not a military leader.โ€

Baradar has always said he wants peace in Afghanistan. โ€œBut whether he is also moderate in what women like, for example, is another question,โ€ Andrรฉ says.

Panjshire Valley Battles

The new Afghan government will have to focus immediately on the reconstruction of the country: the fight in Afghanistan has killed at least 240,000 people in recent years and the economy has collapsed.

In the meantime, in the Panjshire valley, there is still a strong opposition to Taliban domination. It is the only region in Afghanistan that is not yet owned by the Taliban. There is only one real access road to the valley and it is guarded by heavily armed resistance fighters.

Journalists report that combat fire smoke can be seen.