Taliban pulling in Kabul: summit in Qatar

The Taliban is negotiating with the Afghan government about a peaceful surrender of capital Kabul in Qatar, according to the latest reports. Terror fighters have moved into Kabul in various locations, which, among other things, calls for US and European embassies to bring their staff to safety. The world is waiting for more news in excitement.

The first reports that the Taliban had entered Kabul came in Dutch time around 9:30 AM Sunday morning. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that there was no fight, both the Afghan Army and the Taliban did not intend to make unnecessary civilian casualties.

The warriors would have been told by the leadership that they were not allowed to enter the city, but that had already happened.

Since then, the situation has been uncluttered. Within President Ashraf Ghanis government, there are different sounds about the state of play. For example, the Home Secretary said that power had already been transferred, but a few hours later, the Secretary of Defense said that Qatar will be negotiated with the Taliban in the next few days.

The Taliban themselves said there is negotiation in the presidential palace. Meanwhile, sources report to Saudi news channel Al Arabiya that President Ashraf Ghani would resign within hours. A few hours later it turns out that an Afghan negotiating team is on its way to Qatar for a conversation with the Taliban. A member of the team says the most important diplomats are present. A peaceful transfer of power will be discussed in Doha. According to sources, American representatives are also present in the conversation.


The Taliban claim that they already have multiple important buildings in their hands. They would have already taken up the Ministry of Defense and other government buildings. Gunshots would also have been heard near the presidential palace. That seems to have been an incident. There is no or hardly fighting.

On social media, videos on how Taliban troops march into the capital are circulating.

A Sky News journalist reports that from different angles has become clear that the Taliban fighters have already entered Kabul. Theyre now 2.8 kilometres from the hotel Im sitting in, the journalist said. Thats close to the presidential palace.

Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi said on Twitter that Afghan security forces are committed to defending the capital Kabul. But, contrary to what Mohammadi says, the soldiers seem to leave their posts and wear normal clothes. American journalist Matthieu Aikins, who writes for The New York Times amongst others, is in the Afghan capital and says he sees the soldiers go home massively.

Its chaotic in the street, says Sky journalist Ramsay. It emphasizes that there are thousands and thousands of foreigners still in Kabul, which gives an extra complication. Nobody expected the top prize to be taken so quickly.

Residents of Kabul are desperately trying to flee the city. But they cant go anywhere, theres no place left, politician Farzana Kochai said to the BBC.


US and European officials in Kabul are looking for safe locations as the Taliban invade the city. A U.S. official tells Reuters news agency that essential personnel of the United States operate from the Afghan capital airport.

The U.S. Embassy would limit the number of employees in Kabul to less than 50 for the time being, and a NATO employee informs Reuters that multiple EU employees have been transferred to a safe location in the capital.

The flight from Kabul is already historical and is compared on social media to the Fall of Saigon in 1975. We didnt learn from history, it sounds by military analysts.


Netherlands Netherlands sends a military plane to Kabul to pick up people. These include embassy personnel and interpreters and their families.

NATO reports that EU member state embassies seek security, but a Foreign Ministry spokesperson could confirm or debunt it for security reasons. The situation is now very fragile and uncertain. We are now doing everything we can to bring interpreters, embassy staff and families to safety.

Russia has no plans to clear its embassy in Kabul yet. According to a Russian diplomat, the Taliban has provided guarantees that diplomatic mail is safe, Russian media reports. There is no evacuation planned, diplomat Zamir Kabulov confirmed.

Dont Worry

A Taliban spokesman says government and government employeesarmy does not have to worry about retaliations. The jihadists dont want revenge once theyve conquered the country. He also calls on fleeing Afghans to stay in the country and not to leave for fear.

Since moving to Kabul, the Taliban have stressed that they dont want to make victims. A Taliban leader who sits in Doha calls on the Afghan government army to stop shooting so no civilians get hurt.

Meanwhile, reports by the BBC in cities where the terrorist group is already in power show that the strict Islamic laws are still in favour of the strict Islamic laws. Stoning to death follows because of adultery, amputation for theft; a high judge continues to defend it. Elsewhere, it is reported that the Taliban has lists of girls and women aged 12 to 45 who count as spoils of war.


We dont want a single innocent citizen to be injured or killed, but we havent proclaimed a truce, says a member of the Taliban. Women would have been called to go to safe places.

The United States would have asked the Taliban not to enter Kabul before, a senior US official said to The New York Times earlier. The US would have requested Muslim extremists to wait for the evacuation of U.S. citizens, embassy personnel and former employees to complete. The terror group didnt get America at that time.

Earlier this weekend, Jalalabad, another major and important city, was captured.