Taliban replace womens ministry with virtue department

The Taliban has housed the new Ministry of Virtue in the building which until recently had a department of women‘s affairs. The ministry in capital Kabul must ensure the โ€œspread of virtue and prevent sinโ€.

International news agencies write that the building was cleared earlier today, including World Bank employees would have been dispatched.

Staff worked on a special financial development programme for women. Women working for the ministry reported to Reuters news agency that they have been trying to go to work in recent weeks but were always sent back home.

Girls don’t go to school

The United Nations has called on the Taliban to respect the rights of women and minorities. UN organization Unesco has also said that Afghan girls should be able to regain education soon. If the schools for girls remain closed, it will have โ€œirreversible consequencesโ€ for half of the Afghan population, the education organization warned.

Unesco responded to a previous Taliban announcement that โ€œall male teachers and school studentsโ€ can return to high school without mentioning female students or teachers.

When the extremist group seized power in Afghanistan last month, they promised that women in the country would retain basic rights such as access to education. But Afghan women activists point out that the Taliban do not keep those promises. They fear that the group would like to reintroduce the restrictive policies of the 90s.


Since the United States left the country, Afghan women‘s rights activists have taken to the streets several times. In these demonstrations, they called on the Taliban to appoint women ministers and to safeguard women’s rights. The demonstrations were broken up with hard hand.

When the Taliban had power in the 90s, they banned girls from teaching. Women were also not allowed to work outside the home.