Taliban shooting major afghanistan airport with missiles

The Taliban has attacked Afghanistans second city airport with missiles. As a result, according to the authorities, the runway was damaged and air traffic was shut down. Afghan government forces, meanwhile, tried to defend multiple cities against the advancing Muslim extremists.

โ€œWe attacked Kandahar airport because the enemy used it as a base to conduct air strikes on us,โ€ a Taliban spokesman said. As far as known, they did not make victims of their missile attack at the capital of the southern province of Kandahar.

Border Crossings

The battle in Afghanistan has flared further as international troops leave the country after 20 years. The Taliban has undergone many rural areas in recent months and are now besieging provincial capitals. The extremists have also captured important border crossings.

Afghanistans Department of Defense announced on Sunday that hundreds of command forces were sent to the big city of Herat. There are battles on the outskirts of the city. Authorities are trying to drive back insurgents with air strikes. The authorities in the city of Lashkar Gah, with around 200,000 inhabitants, have also requested reinforcements.

The authorities in the city of Lashkar Gah, a city of around 200,000 inhabitants in Helmand Province, have also requested reinforcements. Residents told AFP news agency over the phone on Sunday that the streets of the city are heavily fighting. The Taliban would have surrounded the police headquarters and the governors office, and the Afghan Air Force would be carrying out bombing.