Taliban: Turkish troops must leave Afghanistan

Turkish troops have to leave Afghanistan as part of the Taliban‘s deal with the United States last year on NATO military withdrawal, the group says. A spokesperson responds to the Turkish offer to secure the airport in Kabul and run after the retreat of foreign forces.

Turkey has over 500 soldiers in Afghanistan who contribute to the NATO mission to train local security forces. Unlike the other countries, Ankara does not want to withdraw. It is even suggested sending more soldiers to the country so they can deal with the airport.

Ankara came up with the offer at last month’s NATO meeting. Then it was decided that the troops would have left this fall. Turkish officials say there are already discussions about the possible permanent presence of Turkish soldiers in Afghanistan. According to Ankara, this is only possible if there is enough political, financial and logistical support.


The situation in Afghanistan will be discussed at the NATO summit in Brussels next week. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet US President Joe Biden for the first time.