Taliban wants power and move into Afghanistans capital

The Taliban are taking over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. They want the government to give them power over the country. The Prime Minister of Afghanistan has already left the country.

The Netherlands sent a plane to Kabul to pick up people who work there for the Netherlands. For example at the embassy or as an interpreter.


Last few weeks, the Taliban took over almost all of Afghanistan. Many people have fled and tell violent stories. For example, about all the people who were murdered.

There is probably a lot of change in the areas that have been taken over by the Taliban. Strict rules will apply there again. For example, girls probably won‘t be allowed to go to school anymore and they’re not allowed to exercise anymore. They may also be required to marry when they are 12 years old.

Life is also different for boys. They are still allowed to go to school, but only to strict Islamic schools. Also, no one can watch TV, listen to music or watch videos on YouTube anymore.