Talk Rutte, Grapperhaus on attack Peter R. de Vries, shocked responses

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Grapperhaus for Justice and Security gathers in The Hague to discuss the attack on Peter R. de Vries. Rutte and Grapperhaus had a conversation with the National Counter-Terrorism and Security Coordinator Aalbersberg. There has also been contact with chief of corps Van Essen and the Public Prosecutor‘s Office.

Minister Grapperhaus comes after 23:00 with a response on behalf of the cabinet, following a press conference of the triangle in Amsterdam, the mayor, the police and the prosecutor.

Politics are shocked to the news that journalist Peter R. de Vries was shot in Amsterdam at the beginning of the evening. Finance Minister Hoekstra heard the news in a Chamber debate. We don’t know the power, but whatever the power is, this is unbelievable terrible news. In mind, we are with all those who are concerned and who have a lot of sorrow.

Take a look at the responses of MPs, demissionary minister Hoekstra and Chamber President Bergkamp:

Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Yesilgöz says on Twitter: What is this terrible? Sit a game of crying, no words for this.

Several party leaders have also responded to Twitter. PVV leader Wilders expressed his disgusting shortly after the first reports. Awful. Groenlinks leader Klaver calls for no longer to spread the video of the situation.

Really an awful message and the most terrible flashback to other attacks on our free society. Hope and pray that he survives, says Christenunion leader Segers.

PvdA leader Ploumen: What an incredible and terrible news. An attack on Peter R. de Vries, journalism and our free society. My thoughts are with Peter R. de Vries and his family.

Think leader Azarkan speaks of a cowardly and horrible attack. I pray and hope Peter will make it. Party leader Ouwehand of the Party for Animals also speaks of an attack No words for it. Lots of strength for all who love him.

SGP leader Van der Staaij also responds to Twitter.

Criminal lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops says in Nieuwsuur to be very shocked and actually bewildered by the news. He says he ran into De Vries recently. There was no indication that he would be in danger. I hope the doctors keep him alive, it‘s an important personality in our profession.

Police are present around attorney Peter Schouten’s house, local media reports. For some time, Schouten has been the lawyer of Nabil B., a protagonist in the Marengo trial around Ridouan Taghi. Peter R. de Vries was a consultant at Schouten and is a confidential member of B.

All I do now is hope Peter is alive. I have nothing to say, Schouten tells Decceit.